Rectangular LF Low Noise

- Low noise, electricity-saving, large air volumn, long distance of blowing wind, elegant, design in appearance, easy installation
- Suitable for ventilation in places like cattle, poultry, greenhouse, factory and warehouse with no easy-inflammable, easy exploded or erosive air, especially in places easy to produce waste-gas and hot-air
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Rectangular Fan FE Series
The motor adopts punching shell, low-noise rolling bearing and it has a long service life; The structural parts adopt high-quality punching sheet steel; The steel is of high-quality, low weight. It's beautiful and dignified in appearance, easy to install; CAD optimized design; Large air volume, low noise and stable working
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Applications include industrial chemical fumes, petrochemical fumes, laboratories
and gases up to 40°C.
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Application can use for Baloon

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